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  • Product Management and IT Consulting
  • Mobile Apps, Web and Server Side Solutions
  • System Architecture and Analysis
  • Dedicated Development Office
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Who we are

COBA is the team of skilled product and tech guys. We strive to make things better building great software products.

We enjoy dealing with complex tasks, carry out ideas with forward-moving teams and startups that could change the world.

Always open for collaboration, remote cooperation and exciting projects!

NDA has become mandatory these days, you can check the reviews about our work below. Our early projects on this diskette:
Katya Kirpichova
CTO / / Belarus
The COBA team has provided us with outsourcing services for 5 months to develop an iOS application. We were very satisfied, the development process was of a very high level and carried out on time and efficiently. The developer didn’t just carry out the job, but also suggested how best to perform the tasks from the point of the UX. Thank you very much for your excellent work!
Aliaksandr Pahanko
CTO / / Estonia
We are working with the COBA team not for the first time, and once again were pleased with the process and the result. They withstand both deadlines and their high level of development quality. They will tell you how best to fulfill certain requests. We can safely recommend. And we will continue to work with COBA further!
Pavel Komissarov
CTO / / Russia
With the COBA team we’ve been cooperating for more than 5 years and we can say for this time we managed to become not just partners, but also friends. With the participation of company's managers and talented programmers from Belarus we develop first-class products that are used by millions of people. COBA is an excellent team of professionals with whom we will continue our joint work.
Nina Tumanishvili
Founder / / UK
We’ve been working with the COBA for nearly a year now and it’s been a real pleasure creative problem solving together. COBA team have been great partner to us jumping straight into the deep end of Bleeding Technology. I am so grateful for the teams contribution to the project and their tireless work, support and patience. I can recommend them enough and have full confidence in their ability to overcome technical challenges and deliver a great product on time.
Mila Kostyleva
Project Manager / / Poland
We’d like to thank СOBA team for their advice on developing an application for iOS and Android. Thanks to you we've found a number of important details to pay attention to while planning the project and preparation of project documentation. Your advices on the organization of the developing a mobile application process were invaluable as well. Thank you very much for your help and cooperation. We recommend COBA as a good partner to cooperate with.

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